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Fibrous Collagen

Our genuine product portfolio is based on native collagen I fibers


Due to its central role in cell adhesion and organ formation, collagen is an ideal substrate for cell culture and tissue engineering. Building on 85 years of experience in purification and processing of collagen, our proprietary process has been developed to yield uniquely long, intact collagen fibers that enable the extrusion of ultrathin, elastic and very strong membranes without the addition of stabilizing chemicals. The gentle process preserves the in vivo-like structure of the fibers resulting in excellent biocompatibility and, at the same time, aimes at thorough purification. This high collagen purity also contributes to the excellent in vivo compatibility, which has been proven in several independent animal studies.

Viscofan BioEngineering offers the following products made of fibrous collagen:

In addition, we produce collagen matrices according to your specifications regarding permeability, elasticity, degradation time, tensile strength, swelling properties, thickness and other characteristics.

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A proprietary industrial process delivers premium collagen products

Viscofan BioEngineering produces pure bovine collagen type I fibers in medical or research grade in a highly standardized industrial process. A thorough quality control ensures a consistent high quality of all our collagen-based biomaterials.

Our fibrous collagen products are not chemically cross-linked but excel in tensile strength, elasticity and resistance to chemicals at low temperatures. For versatile use, we offer ready-made materials, such as gamma-sterilized membrane scaffolds, in defined shapes and sizes.

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