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Unique carrier membrane for tissue culture, implantation and analysis


The CCC is a mobile cell carrier developed for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Long collagen fibers of type I offer a natural environment for simple cell monolayer cultures to reconstruction of complex tissues. The scaffold offers the following advantages:

  • The stable carrier with the adhered intact cell assembly can be removed with forceps from the well bottom for further experiments
  • As an implant, the matrix can be sutured directly to the host tissue where it fixes the adherent cells to the desired location
  • The stability and handiness of the carrier enable histological investigations of the cultured cell layers e.g. by sectioning. For most part of further analyses, standard methods are applicable


Our industrial standardized production process aims at the preservation of intact, long and pure collagen fibers. With a dense network of this highly pure biomaterial and without the addition of chemical cross-linkers the Collagen Cell Carrier offers:

  • A close-to-nature environment for adherent cells (more than 30 primary cell types have been tested) => high significance of your experiments and optimal conditions for your cells. Best requirements for the development of cell-based assays and therapies
  • Excellent biocompatibility (animal studies showed minimal immune reactions in various tissues and species) => universally applicable for in vivo experiments and therefore transferable from model to model
  • Mechanical stability => unique carrier that enables transfer, analysis and in vivo suturing of adherent cell layers
  • Elasticity and biodegradability=> adheres snuggly even to very mobile host tissue (like the heart muscle) and is degraded within a few weeks (dependending on tissue type), to be replaced by the body’s own tissue
  • Permeability for many soluble factors => allows effective supply of adherent cells and paracrine cell-to-cell communication
  • Low thickness and minimal autofluorescence => enables optical representation of fluorescently labeled cells in high quality
  • Available in R&D and medical grade quality => for easy translation from bench to bedside

The sterile CCC is available in all common formats from 96-well to 10-cm-plates. In addition, Viscofan BioEngineering offers the membrane in bigger squares (5 x 5 cm and 10 x 15 cm) as well as shaped for 10 cm dishes. It can also be trimmed according to need with sterilized scissors or a scalpel.

CCCs come packaged as single discs that have to be attached to a well plate by the user by  wetting and a successive drying step according to our provided protocol.  For better convenience, we also have developed a Ready-To-Use Collagen Cell Carrier (RTU-CCC) where the CCC is pre-attached to a multi-well plate to save the time required to condition and attach the CCC onto the wells. The RTU is available for 12-, 24-, and 48- well plates. (As the RTU-CCCs tend to stick more tightly to the well bottom we recommend singly-packaged CCCs if removal and translocation of the cell-seeded CCCs later during culture is planned).

Learn more about the applications of the CCC

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To order CCCs in R&D quality you may register and use the "order" button or send an e-mail or fax. To order in medical grade quality, please contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

Collagen Cell Carrier for wellplates: Singly packaged or ready-to-use (RTU)

CCCs tailored to wellplates are available as singly packaged discs or - as "Ready-To-Use"-product - pre-attached to a well plate

Larger CCC sheets for customized implants

CCCs are also available as square sheets in 50 x 50 mm or 100 x 150 mm. They can be tailored by scissors or scapels according to your needs.



Custom-tailored collagen membranes

You need a collagen matrix with particular features? Viscofan produces custom-tailored scaffolds in alternative sizes, shapes, and different thicknesses (from 20 to 200 μm), biodegradation rates etc. upon request.
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Properties of Viscofan's Collagen Cell Carrier


  • High mechanical strength & elasticity
  • Chemically stable
  • Non-chemically cross-linked
  • Thermostable -175 to +50°C
  • Ultra-thin (20 μm)
  • Nearly no autofluorescence

Cell culture and in vivo application

  • Proven excellent biocompatibility
  • Not biodegradable in cell culture (under collagenase-free conditions), completely biodegradable in vivo
  • Suitable for primary cells, stem cells and cell lines. Very good results for > 30 cell types tested
  • Resistant against contraction by fibroblasts
  • Permeable to most soluble factors
  • High cell densities achievable


  • Pure collagen type I from bovine skin
  • Raw material for medical quality from countries with negligible BSE risk
  • Quality control according to ASTM F2212-02
  • Available in R&D and medical grade
  • ISO 9001, (ISO 13485 certification in progress)
  • gamma-sterilised

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