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Unique carrier membrane for R&D of regenerative therapies

The Collagen Cell Carrier® membrane (CCC) is a mobile cell carrier developed for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Exceptional native collagen fibers, isolated in their complex form from bovine skin represent a natural environment for adherent cells. The special feature: with their preserved strength the fibers build an ultrapure collagen membrane that is self-supportive and enables transfer and further processing of intact cell and tissue cultures on the natural matrix. 

Learn more about the proprietary production process of native collagen fibers

Standardized 2D or 3D cell-based assays

The CCC is a universal scaffold for adherent primary cells, cell lines and stem cells for in vitro and in vivo use. It creates a natural environment for cell attachment, growth and differentiation in applications ranging from simple cell monolayer cultures to the reconstruction of complex 3D tissue cultures on top of the membrane. As a universal matrix, the CCC facilitates the development of cell-based assays with authentic cell performance.
The strong membrane uniquely offers the opportunity to easily transfer the intact cell-matrix-complex and proceed to standard analyses, such as fluorescence microscopy, protein analysis or histology. 

The standardized industrial production process optimized in more than 85 years ensures constant high quality of the biomaterial.

Learn more about cell & tissue culture applications of the CCC

Implantation vehicle for easy bench-to-bedside translation

The versatile CCC is especially suited as a biological vehicle for cell implantation. It supports the formation of a robust cell-matrix association that can be sutured directly at the implantation site, fixing therapeutic cells to the target tissue. 

The natural scaffold supports cells during and after implantation, thereby improving their survival. Depending on the target tissue, the CCC maintains its integrity for several weeks before complete biodegradation. Permeable for most soluble factors, it allows tissue nutrition and paracrine cell-to-cell communication. The elastic membrane facilitates tight adherence even to moving organs (e.g. heart muscle), bringing implanted cells in close proximity to the damaged tissue.
Our standardized collagen matrix is the ideal tool for research and development of ATMPs in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including cell therapy, implantology and medical devices.

We provide the CCC in R&D quality and also in medical quality for easy bench-to-bedside translation.

Learn more about the preclinical use of the CCC and its application in basic medical research


CCC at a glance




Different sizes & formats for universal use

The sterile CCCs are available in all common formats from 96-well to 10-cm plates. They can be ordered either as “CCC ready-to-use (RTU)” already attached to multiwell plates or as individually packed CCC membranes that the user can attach to the tissue-culture treated well plate by incubation with PBS and subsequent drying following our User Guide in the download section. Additionally, 50 x 50 mm and 100 x 150 mm square sheets can be trimmed to individual formats with sterilized scissors or a scalpel. 
In collaboration with our clients, we also develop individual collagen scaffolds tailored to particular applications. Permeability, elasticity, degradation time, tensile strength, swelling properties & other characteristics of the collagen membrane can be customized on request.
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In the USA and Canada you can order the CCC through VWR.


The order information below is for CCCs in R&D quality. For ordering CCCs in medical quality, please contact us directly:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: + 49-6201-86 358


(for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic, therapeutic or clinical procedures)



Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 1pc./unit

50 x 50 mm square


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 1 pc./unit

100 x 150 mm square


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 1pc./unit

Ø 88 mm


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 6 pcs./unit

Ø 34mm, for 6-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 12 pcs./unit

Ø 21mm, for 12-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 24 pcs./unit

Ø 14mm, for 24-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 48 pcs./unit

Ø 10mm, for 48-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC), 96 pcs./unit

Ø 7mm for 96-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (RTU) "Ready - To - Use" 6 pcs./unit*

Ø 34mm; 6-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (RTU) "Ready - To - Use" 12 pcs./unit*

Ø 21mm; 12-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (RTU) "Ready - To - Use" 24 pcs./unit*

Ø 14mm; 24-well plates


Collagen Cell Carrier (RTU) "Ready - To - Use" 48 pcs./unit*

Ø 10mm; 48-well plates


* If removal and translocation of cell-seeded CCCs is planned, we recommend to use individually packed CCCs instead of pre-attached “Ready-to-use” CCCs, as the latter tend to stick more firmly to the well bottom.

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