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Universal matrix for adherent cells

Collagen type I is an essential component of cell-matrix adhesion and therefore an ideal substrate for cell and tissue culture. Our collagen scaffolds are best suited for the cultivation of adherent primary cells, stem cells and cell lines. A large number of cell types have been tested with excellent results. Unique properties of our collagen cell carrier membrane make him an ideal tool for implantation of cell-matrix complexes, their analysis by fluorescence imaging and histological preparation.

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universal collagen scaffolds

2D/3D cultures

in vitro/in vivo use

protein extraction

fluorescent staining


Products for R&D

Collagen Cell Carrier (CCC)

Carrier membrane for tissue culture, implantation and analysis

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Soluble Collagen

Natural scaffold for 2D and 3D cell & tissue culture


Viscolma® Collagen Suspension

Ultrapure coating of medical devices