Business Development

Our special interest is in commercial partnerships for our advanced cell biology products and also in the co-development of new cell-based assays for different applications. We have established collaborations, memberships and projects with the following partners, which are mainly working in cell biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Viscofan BioEngineering is also member of the EIT Health community funded by the European Commission to foster innovation, education and outreach in the healthcare sector.


Meet us:

2017-04-04 – 2017-04-06      Medtec in Stuttgart, Germany
                                          (pavillion of NeZuMed)

2017-05-09 – 2017-05-11      VitaFoods in Geneve, Switzerland
                                          (booth: O135, pavillion of Germany)

2017-11-13 – 2017-11-16      MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany
                                          (pavillion of Baden-Württemberg)


Business Development