Viscofan BioEngineering

Viscofan BioEngineering is a business unit within the Viscofan Group located at its subsidiary, Naturin Viscofan GmbH in Weinheim, Germany, which is the Centre of excellence for collagen products of the Group (for further information, please visit

Our activities are focused on the industrial-scale production of bovine dermal collagen I and its further development into products for cell biology and biomedical applications. Our product portfolio (Products) includes:

  • collagen membranes produced by proprietary technology with very good performance in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and cell culture applications “(Technologies)
  • collagen tubes produced with a comparable membrane technology
  • collagen mass with high percentage of collagen suitable for medical device applications e.g. coating (or functionalization, as you like)
  • soluble collagen suitable for cell culture, cell-based assays and 3D cell culture models

At present, we provide our collagen products for research purposes. In 2016 we will also offer our collagen membranes and collagen mass in medical grade quality, thanks to the medical production plant which is currently under construction.

Being able to provide products in research and medical grade, Viscofan BioEngineering is a very active company in both domains. We provide our customers and partners with R&D material to develop products or therapies and offer the same material in medical grade to ensure the efficient and quick clinical development. Moreover, Viscofan is developing its own pipeline of products in the area of regenerative medicine (Pipeline).

We offer high technology standardized products combined with outstanding scientific support and position ourselves as being in the forefront of regenerative medicine by permitting easy bench to bedside transfer of the solutions developed by our customers. Our products enable scientists and companies to start a new era in medical research.